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Everything You Need to Know About Avoiding Defamation in the Workplace
October 19 2020 - Defamation in the workplace is on the rise in the UK, which means it's more important than ever to know how to avoid it at your company.

After redundancy: making the move from retail to teaching
October 18 2020 - Here are 6 reasons to consider training as a teacher with support from Transition to Teach

How can employers support new graduate employees?
October 1 2020 - Taking on graduate employees is a fantastic thing to do; they often bring a vitality and enthusiasm to what may be their first real experience of the world of work.

Will more people consider moving abroad now they can work from home?
September 29 2020 - The world is your oyster as a digital nomad.

Waving goodbye to working nine to five
September 21 2020 - Any change from the status quo is challenging, but this one is particularly so because there are many barriers to overcome.

Recruitment and the challenges facing candidates
September 17 2020 - Young people might be relatively mildly affected by Covid-19 medically, but the pandemic is making life difficult for those planning to continue their education or looking for jobs.

More Evidence Workplace Connections Are Being Impacted by COVID
September 17 2020 - Engagement technology expert Steven Buck discusses the impact COVID-19 is having on workplace connections and details practical ways to help employees feel more connected.

Will HR become global and online moving forward?
September 16 2020 - Some of the ways HR is adapting to an ever globalising talent pool.

A radical re-think of DB funding?
September 16 2020 - The Pensions Regulator (TPR) is looking to shake up how it regulates the funding of defined benefit pension schemes.

Leadership and coaching is set to become the 'new normal'
August 28 2020 - Now is a pivotal moment for organisations to ensure they have strong leaders who can rise to the challenge.

Dealing with a Business Merger in HR"> Dealing with a Business Merger in HR
August 19 2020 - One challenge you might face working in an HR department is dealing with a business merger.

Why Every Workplace Should Know About Lean Six Sigma
August 19 2020 - Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt; No, we're not talking Karate, we're talking Lean Six Sigma.

Post-Pandemic Employee Engagement: Where did it go and how can you fix it?
August 10 2020 - Remember, employee engagement is going to be key to business regrowth post-covid.

Resilience isn't a moment in time: building a resilient culture
July 30 2020 - It's important to keep an eye on what happens beyond the crisis, to develop a form of resilience that's not just about persevering now, but about preparing to succeed in the future.

Every employee should become their own 'Chief Communications Officer'
July 21 2020 - Supporting and empowering employees to take on the unofficial role of Chief Communications Officer.

HR Managers: Don't Overlook This Area of Employee Experience
July 17 2020 - With many business facing periods of budget cuts and hiring freezes, helping support employee retention and job satisfaction is crucial during this uncertain time.

What Makes An Employee Eligible To Make A Work Accident Claim?
July 16 2020 - If you find yourself with injuries related to a workplace accident, then you may be eligible for compensation. Check out this article to see if you meet the requirements.

TPR's guidance for consolidators is just the beginning
July 14 2020 - The Pensions Regulator (TPR) recently published guidance setting out the new interim regime for defined benefit (DB) consolidators and the framework for their authorisation and regulation.

Expert Guide to Work from Home Smarter
July 10 2020 - It will be important to remember that there are many competitive advantages of keeping the remote work models we've had to adopt during this unprecedented time.

Leading to loss
July 9 2020 - Culture is the key determinant of business survival.

The Time to Slow Employee Burnout Is Now
July 9 2020 - HR engagement technology expert Justin Black offers some encouragement to HR leaders on getting ready for 'the new normal'

How health and wellbeing will be the responsibility of workplaces in the future
July 9 2020 - By reimagining what the workplace was, these tech companies came to represent a new, more modern way of working that prioritised employee satisfaction.

Steps that Directors should consider in fulfilling their duties
June 22 2020 - Now that there are indications that the initial wave of the pandemic may be passing in the UK, companies need to take stock, adjust to new realities and prepare for the future.

COVID-19 Presses Need to Close UK Detention Centres for Good
June 18 2020 - The Home Office should pursue claimants' cases on the outside, where migrants and asylum seekers can attempt to build and integrate into UK life while their case is reviewed.

Too much screen time? Here are 5 ways to turn a lazy day into a productive one!
June 17 2020 - Many of us may be finding it hard to be productive during this difficult time, especially when our work and social life are all centred around the same location.

Protect Your Business and Your Employees: A Guide
June 17 2020 - If you care about your employee's wellbeing and the future of your business, here are some top tips to help you to protect them.

Creating an Ideal Workspace
June 9 2020 - Creating a positive, calming and creative atmosphere at work is a great way to keep your team motivated and achieve your business goals.

Managing a Dispersed Workforce
June 3 2020 - Britain's biggest industries are facing a productivity crisis as the UK's workforce grapples with working from home.

Rewarding YOUR frontline workers: call-centre staff
May 13 2020 - Now, more than ever, employers need to think about how to keep all staff feeling motivated and supported.

What a recent Ex-NHS employee disability discrimination win can highlight to employers and HR professionals about the processes to dismissal
May 13 2020 - When considering disciplining or dismissal of an employee, employers should tread carefully in order to avoid discrimination cases, where there is no limit to the damages which the Tribunal may award.

Six practical ways for organisations to connect to their people and support their welfare during Covid-19
May 1 2020 - For the first time in history, the majority of Brits are working from home with businesses transformed under new realities of Covid-19. Many employees are feeling the psychological impacts of being isolated from their teams and many have been furloughed, potentially facing redundancy.

How to Find the Right Candidate for a Job Role
April 16 2020 - A brief list of tips to take into consideration to help you find the right candidate during the hiring process.

Getting remote working right with people analytics and reporting
April 3 2020 - The workforce as we know it is changing, with organisations closing their offices and turning to remote working to keep the business operating as functionally as possible.

3 Tips to Improve Your Business
March 9 2020 - If you're just starting out, or even if you're already established, here are some tips that might be useful in improving your business.

Developing a cohesive council workforce
March 6 2020 - With council workers, increasingly being asked to deliver more with less, Alexander Carlton, Head of People Insight & Technology at Essex County Council discusses the role of technology in creating a cohesive workforce.

What Does it Take to Become a Unicorn Startup?
February 24 2020 - A unicorn startup, or unicorn company, is a privately owned business that is valued at over $1 billion. Although still very much a rarity, the number of unicorn startups is higher than ever.

Seven Tips to Start Speaking at Events and Conferences
February 23 2020 - The credentials of top speakers are a key selling point in the run-up to conferences, and can sometimes be the main reason that delegates have chosen to attend the event.

6 Reasons to Study Business Management
February 22 2020 - Business management degrees have become increasingly popular in recent years, and they are some of the most commonly studied subjects in higher education.

CV vs Cover Letter: The Differences Explained
February 21 2020 - There are several differences between a CV and a cover letter. You can check out our CV vs cover letter comparative guide here

UK Employment Statistics
February 18 2020 - The unemployment rate stands at 3.8%, 0.2% less than a year ago and 0.1% less than the previous quarter. 32.93 million people were in work in the October to December 2019 quarter according to the labour force survey (LFS).

What It Takes to Be a Leader: 7 Important Characteristics
February 16 2020 - All good leaders share characteristics like honesty, confidence, humility, and creativity. Find out what it takes to be a leader here.

Is Your Location Harming Business Growth?
February 7 2020 - You could have the most unique idea in the world or the best business plan possible, but if your location doesn't fit your business model, you're instantly limiting your potential for success.

Samira Ahmed and unconscious bias: there must surely be a sell-by date on such justifications?
February 5 2020 - Such institutional blindness was recently highlighted by television presenter Samira Ahmed's victory in her Employment Tribunal case against the BBC.

How Dirty Is Your Office?
February 5 2020 - Proper hygiene and sanitation in the workplace can protect you and your staff from getting sick at work.

Can Money Really Bring Happiness?
January 29 2020 - It's been a debate since the invention of currency itself, does money buy happiness?

4 Ways You Should Care for Employees Within a Small Business
January 28 2020 - When you are running a small business with a smaller team, it's essential to make sure the team feels properly cared for.

HR Management Can be the Key to Future-Proofing Your Workforce
January 14 2020 - It is true that millions of jobs may be affected one way or another by the digital revolution. Regrettably, there are a number of people in the UK who don't think this digital revolution is going to affect their jobs.

4 Areas to Invest in for Your Employees' Wellbeing
January 11 2020 - If you want to run a successful business, this starts with the happiness and health of your workforce.

Key options for companies looking to become IR35-proof
January 4 2020 - Kirsten Logue, Scotland Regional Manager for Edge Testing explores the key IR35 issues impacting the private sector and considers the options for making a company 'IR35-Proof'.

Can you Sue the Human Resource Department?
December 29 2019 - You may want to know a bit more about what sort of action can be taken against HR departments.

How to Establish a Salary Range for Your Employees
December 28 2019 - Want to set a pay scale for your employees, but don't know where to start? Then read on to learn what is a salary range and how it is determined here..

Five Reasons To Review Your Employee Benefits Package
December 24 2019 - Many employers are making changes to their benefits packages in order to attract more employees and reward the ones that they already have.

An Employee's Guide to Sickness Rights
December 20 2019 - Knowledge and awareness are at the heart of it all, which is why every employee should be made aware of their sickness rights by law and within their company.

3 Ways Call Centre Software Can Boost Employee Engagement
December 13 2019 - These days it's not enough for call centre software just to focus on comms. Instead, it should also boast a suite of workforce management tools.

Reasons Why Corporate Hospitality Might Be Beneficial For Your Business
December 13 2019 - There are many reasons why corporate hospitality might be beneficial for your business.

Loosening the strings on HR and Payroll
December 3 2019 - With 2020 just around the corner, it's that time of year to start looking ahead at what's to come.

Perspectives on Flexilbility and Homeworking
Updated December 2 2019 - Homeworking has gone in and out of fashion over the last two decades with implications for both employing organizations and employees.

4 Ways To Develop Your Skills For Your First Management Role
December 1 2019 - Developing the right skills can put you in contention for a management role, so here's what you should consider if you're looking to do just that.

Training Your Company's Managers to Become More Effective Leaders
November 30 2019 - Once hired, ongoing professional development is critical for managers who hope to be effective leaders.

Talent Drought? Use These 5 Creative Ways to Recruit Employees
November 27 2019 - Are you experiencing a talent drought? Use these creative ways to recruit employees and get the talent that you need to succeed in business.

3 Steps to Establishing a Solid Company Culture
November 20 2019 - Company culture cannot be neglected, and it literally permeates every part of your business. It affects everything from the type of talent you'll be able to attract, to employee retention, satisfaction, and engagement.

Should HR Departments Help Employees Cope With Financial Strain?
November 16 2019 - Should HR departments and businesses be more considerate towards their employee's financial difficulties?

3 key ways to support your hospitality staff over Christmas
November 15 2019 - As an employer, it's always important to make sure you're providing your team with enough support to do their best work. But are you doing everything you could to help them over Christmas?

Digitising the employee relations process
November 12 2019 - With digitisation and efficiency driving many of the changes currently sweeping the NHS, numerous Trusts are in the process of evaluating the systems they have in place. HR departments are part of this transformation and have a vital role to play in helping organisations adopt digital processes.

Election Announced - HR impact
November 6 2019 - Vestd Response to Labour's plan to give shares to employees

6 Ways to Cope When Facing Redundancy
November 6 2019 - With the right attitude and careful planning, you can turn this bump in the road into an exciting new adventure.

A Strategic Future: Steps for Creating a 5-Year Business Plan
November 6 2019 - Planning for future growth requires that you have strategic plan in place. Learn some important steps for creating a 5-year business plan.

5 Careers that Are Eco-Friendly
October 31 2019 - If you're passionate about the environment, now would be the right time to consider a career in the protection and maintenance of our planet.

Recruiting talent in the IT industry
October 28 2019 - The IT sector thrives on talent above all else. With a team of motivated experts on your side, you can accomplish practically any business goal.

Small vs big business: where should you start your career?
October 28 2019 - We've examined how large and small businesses perform across six different topics to help people understand which size of company best fulfils what they want from a job.

5 Ways to Keep Your Lab Employees Safe
October 26 2019 - Adequate safety measures are essential for any workplace, but especially so in a hazardous environment such as a laboratory.

Planning Events: How to Plan the Perfect Corporate Event
October 12 2019 - It's important to choose the right venue for your corporate event. Keep reading for planning events: how to plan the perfect corporate event.

How to Help an Employee through Difficult Personal Issues
October 9 2019 - During difficult periods, employers must be understanding and focus on ways to support their staff and maintain performance in the workplace.

What to Do if an Employee Has an Accident in Your Workplace
October 5 2019 - Health and safety should be the number one priority in every workplace, but unfortunately, accidents will still happen.

My Job Is Too Stressful: 7 Effective Methods to Tackle Stress at Work
October 1 2019 - Do you find yourself thinking "my job is too stressful?" If so, there are options for you. Read on to learn how to reduce stress at work.

Minimising Health And Safety Risks For Construction Workers
September 26 2019 - In any business, safety measures are essential for employee welfare, but, in the high risk industry of construction, implementing strict regulations and making sure that workers follow them is vital

Why the Best Leaders are Born Learners
September 24 2019 - The best leaders aren't the most infallible or capable - they're the men and women who seek always to improve.

Strengthening University and Student Results
September 19 2019 - By taking the strengths-based recruitment approach, organisations can recruit the best talent, irrespective of where that talent has come from, or what degree class the candidate has achieved.

Employee Share Schemes: How Do They Work?
September 17 2019 - This post looks at the three most popular types of employee share scheme, what they are and how they work.

The importance of adopting a loving attitude towards stakeholders
September 16 2019 - An organisation with a loving attitude develops continuous goodwill and mutually beneficial relationships with all its relevant stakeholders; this company is more likely to succeed in the business arena.

Letting commercial properties: landlord responsibilities
September 12 2019 - When you let a commercial property, you must ensure the premises are safe for people to work in. Find out what your landlord responsibilities are here.

Keeping Employee Morale High During Political Upheaval
September 11 2019 - From maintaining an open-door policy to seeking support for employees that may be struggling, there is a lot that you can do to keep your employees morale high during challenging political times.

Ensuring Your Office Is Accessible: A Guide
September 11 2019 - By not making your office accessible, you could be missing out on your chances of securing highly skilled and talented candidates.

Why digital transformation creates a retention problem for certain types of employees
September 9 2019 - There are different types of people within an organisation that are at risk of becoming alienated or otherwise unhappy during transformation periods.

Business Intelligence Trends: How has BI evolved?
September 7 2019 - BI enables companies to make actionable decisions using their own data, reaching business goals, achieving growth and becoming more profitable as a result.

Reasons Why Award Plaques Are Increasing Employee Performance
September 6 2019 - Corporate businesses giving out award plaques to motivates employees to keep doing well at their job. There are also many more reasons for this. To find out what these are, learn more here.

Building a Strong Team Identity: A Guide
September 4 2019 - There are some steps you can take in order to create a cohesive team which works in harmony towards a common goal and this guide outlines some of the most effective for your consideration.

How To Attract Top Talent To Your Company
September 3 2019 - Your business is going to be a lot more successful when you have skilled, dedicated and motivated employees working for you.

How You Can Attract More Applicants to Your Job Fair Booth
August 20 2019 - Having a booth at a job fair is one of the best ways to recruit great employees.

Background check mistakes you may not realise you're making - and how to avoid them
August 9 2019 - As a fundamental part of the recruitment process for many organisations, background screening continues to play a growing role in the hiring landscape.

Improve Employee Morale By Switching To Sustainable Practices
August 9 2019 - Employee satisfaction is undoubtedly one of the key factors in maintaining a successful business. Happy employees will be far more motivated and dedicated to your company.

4 Ways to Hire the Best Employees for Your Start-up
August 9 2019 - Choosing the right staff is not an easy task, so it is advisable to be cautious at this stage and only hire staff who will be indispensable to your team.

Avoiding expense overpayments in the NHS
August 7 2019 - Streamlining HR and payroll workflows with accurate and auditable processes is a key part of the journey to a paperless NHS.

Career Development for Your Company's Employees
August 6 2019 - As a vital aspect of talent management, career development is about letting people within the company reach their full potential.

How to secure the right interim executive?
July 24 2019 - They work particularly well for organisations going through a period of business transformation, where an interim executive can provide stability and support through a time of change.

When's the right time to invest/upgrade in HR software?
July 19 2019 - When was the last time you took a step back and looked at how much time HR administration is costing your business - and considered whether that is time well spent?

AI in HR: why technology is not enough
July 10 2019 - The use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in HR does not always get a fair hearing. However, it is not always well implemented. AI is not a replacement for HR professionals.

How to Improve Your HR Department
July 4 2019 - Without a strong human resources department in place, you will make everything about running your business ten times harder than it needs to be.

How to Stay Organized During a Move to a New Business Office
July 4 2019 - An office move is a big and important decision, especially if it is a move done to expand your team and get a new office in a more attractive location.

Ways to Optimise and Save Your Company Money
July 1 2019 - Balancing a corporate budget is a difficult task, especially when you consider how many aspects there are to running a business.

A Guide: Bridging the Gap Between Yourself and Your Employees
June 27 2019 - Bridging the gap between yourself, your management team, and the rest of your employees should be one of your top priorities.

Employee Surveys: 7 Common Mistakes that Will Ruin Your Data
June 17 2019 - Employee surveys remain one of the best methods to measure and track employee engagement.

How to Reverse a Non-Functioning Team
June 10 2019 - Low team productivity can affect employee morale and hinder growth in a company.

Staff retention strategies that actually work
June 8 2019 - Employee retention is one of the most crucial, and often overlooked, parts of running a successful company.

Typical HR Issues & How To Overcome Them
June 8 2019 - There are a few more common problems that arise in today's day and age, which makes being aware of these problems and how to solve them crucial.

Communication Ranked As Top Skill Amongst UK Workers
May 23 2019 - MTD Training, management training specialists, investigated how managers within the UK felt about their existing leadership skills to see which areas they're already succeeding in and which ones need improvement.

How businesses can survive the impending talent crisis
May 23 2019 - Businesses will fail if they don't work hard to retain the talent they have within the business.

Computer Related Health Problems and How to Prevent Them
May 15 2019 - Do you spend a lot of time sitting at a computer, either at work or for pleasure? If you're spending more than four hours a day sitting in front of a computer screen, you're putting your health at risk.

5 Things To Do Before Taking Annual Leave, (so you can actually relax)
May 12 2019 - I was surprised to read recently that 40% of employees in the UK aren't using their full, paid holiday entitlement.

Tips on Improving Your HR Process
May 10 2019 - Here are ways that you can improve your HR process and ultimately, improve your business as well.

4 Steps to Reducing Expenses in the Workplace
April 18 2019 - In a business, one of the primary objectives should be to keep expenses as low as possible.

How to Choose a Career - Tips on Choosing your Future
April 9 2019 - They say when you love your job, you never work a day in your life. Here are a few tips to choosing a career to last a lifetime.

Successfully handling disputes at work
April 4 2019 - It's no secret that workplace conflict can have a negative impact on an organisation and its employees.

How To Start An eCommerce Business
April 4 2019 - Read on to find out how to get started and create a good business to take wherever you want it to go.

Safeguarding HR and payroll data in the digital age
April 3 2019 - When it comes to handling sensitive data, HR and payroll professionals have a lot on their plate.

How to Ensure High Hygiene Standards in the Workplace
March 28 2019 - A poorly cleaned office space can cause havoc to your company's reputation but also risk the health of your employees.

Leadership and Duty
March 23 2019 - The thing about duty is that it is not simply a noble cause to be pursued at any cost. If a leader fails to adapt, then they are failing in their duty.

How to improve your warehouse safety
March 22 2019 - Implementing a warehouse health and safety plan is an integral part of ensuring employee wellbeing, and getting it right is key ensuring a smooth operation.

Leading in a digital age
March 12 2019 - We live in fast paced times, where no business can - nor indeed should - avoid the implications, challenges and opportunities that come with embracing digital transformation.

The surprising secret to workplace productivity
March 12 2019 - An unconventional technique, yet nonetheless effective, is to improve an employee's memory skills.

5 ways to protect your workers with PPE this winter
January 11 2019 - When your employees are working in higher-risk industries where the chance of danger is increased from duties that require working at height, as well as with heavy machinery and powerful tools, the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) may be necessary.

Eight steps towards eliminating gender bias in the workplace
December 31 2018 - Would you expect to be treated differently by clients based on your gender A recent experiment found just that.

5 Ways That HR Can Drive Sales
December 31 2018 - It can be a huge challenge, but there are a few effective ways that HR can be used to boost sales and help the company to grow.

How To Promote A Culture Of Punctuality At Work
November 29 2018 - Not only does it improve productivity, but it can also lead to a healthier relationship between employees and employers.

Smart Technology is Key to Driving Employee Engagement
November 22 2018 - Senior business leaders must allow their organisations to adapt and evolve to suit the requirements of millennials.

How Portafina's Findings Could Make Your Workforce Healthier
November 21 2018 - Health is becoming an increasingly important topic of conversation, especially amongst employers.

How to Hire the Best Employees for Your Business
November 9 2018 - A company's employees are the heart and soul of the operations.

How the sales industry should develop a long-term talent strategy
November 1 2018 - Finding the right talent for your organisation can be a tall order due to the increasing demand of skills for various job roles and the sales industry is no exception.

An Easy Step-By-Side Guide to Creating Your Ecommerce Strategy [Infographic]
October 30 2018 - The first step to setting up an online store is to create a strategy.

Myths Around Stress And How To Deal With Them
September 10 2018 - The last few decades of scientific research into stress has provided a new and more diverse picture of what stress is, contradicting our previous understanding of stress, its causes and prevention.

Turning the Tide on BI Failure
September 7 2018 - When does business information become a business disadvantage? Using today's Business Intelligence (BI) tools can be a bit like trying to drink from a fire hydrant - too much information, from all directions, with no control.

Making personnel more personal: Why HR is essential when hiring freelancers
August 23 2018 - More than half of European businesses leave HR out of the loop when hiring self-employed workers.

Do You Dominate Meetings? How to Step Back and Let Others Have a Voice
August 14 2018 - HOW you run your meeting makes all the difference.

Crisis communication: the power of video during uncertain times
July 27 2018 - Amidst all of the recent uncertainty, video is quickly emerging as a powerful corporate communication medium.

Seven Tips To Successful Working Relationships In a Family Business
July 17 2018 - Brookman Solicitors reveal the seven tips to successful working relationships in a family business based on a recent relationship survey of over 1000 individuals.

Winning the war on talent: improving employee experiences to drive business value
July 17 2018 - Great benefits and cool office perks are no longer enough, employees want simple digital experiences that make work, work better for them.

How To Be Communication Savvy In The Digital Age
July 14 2018 - This article explains why you need to be flexible and adaptable with communication in the digital age.

Recruitment difficulties to continue
July 1 2018 - Potential candidates are being put off using recruitment agencies because of concerns about receiving details of irrelevanr jobs.

6 bad meeting habits which could be silencing introverts
June 29 2018 - Whether the workplace atmosphere is dominated by a loud CEO, a talkative sales exec or Brenda in accounts, there can often be a clear line drawn in the sand between introverts and extroverts.

Ensuring Your Staff Are Prepared For Work Travel
June 11 2018 - Workers travelling cross-country and internationally poses a specific challenge to HR when it comes to ensuring compliance is upheld and standards are followed.

5 Key Behavioural Traits of Successful Leaders
25 May 2018 - It is easy to assume that there are natural leaders, and those who simply aren't up to the task of managing other people, but this just isn't true.

Tips For Creating a Safe Working Environment
April 25 2018 - The specialist team at explore what HR departments need to consider when creating the ultimate 'safe' working environment that will ensure any prospective candidates are eager to become your next employee!

A lesson for businesses on attracting the App Generation
April 24 2018 - With this new 'app generation' already starting to enter the world of work, businesses must prepare for a whole host of new expectations and digital preferences.

It's not me, it's you: re-thinking the exit interview process to transform the employee experience
April 15 2018 - The exit interview has been seen as an exercise in qualitative feedback, with responses delivering very little actionable data back to the business.

DTL Letter to editor in response to Reform report on apprenticeship levy
April 13 2018 - A newly-published report by the think tank Reform correctly identifies some of the issues raised by the Apprenticeship Levy but is wide of the mark on three counts.

Is Your Job Making You Sleep Deprived?
April 5 2018 - Sleep is the most vital component to having both an enjoyable and a fruitful day. A Sleep Council study revealed that the industry you work in can greatly affect how you sleep.

The value of video in employee onboarding
March 6 2018 - The faster new hires feel welcomed and prepared for their jobs, the faster they will be able to successfully contribute to the business.

Giving negative feedback
February 25 2018 - How can you be unfailingly courteous and respectful without then also beating around the bush and losing focus and impact?

The new rules of meeting room etiquette
February 2 2018 - While much common sense meeting room etiquette remains relevant, advances in technology mean that some of the old, more bureaucratic rules can be thrown out.

10 Crucial Signs That Your Startup May Not Work
January 30 2018 - In spite of all the obstacles and challenges, people are happier when they try to do something for themselves and not work for a corporation.

Improve Employee Wellbeing in 2018
January 7 2018 - Employee initiatives are no longer just a perk to attract talent.

Russian Hackers Never Sleep: How To Protect Yourself
December 17 2017 - The harm caused by hackers is enormous. They steal personal data, banking details and leave the whole system out of order.

The Business Case for Digitising Human Resources
December 11 2017 - Here are the top four ways digitising HR functions adds value to the organisation.

A Guide To Managing And Helping Expat Employees
December 11 2017 - Follow these tips to make the expat experience go smoother for your employees and their new workplaces

7 common pitfalls to avoid in your employee experience programme
December 5 2017 - Compared to customers, employees simply do not have the same opportunities or platforms available to voice their opinions on their experience at work.

The Trends Shaping Recruitment
November 9 2017 - Some of the cutting edge techniques that recruitment agencies are employing to find the very best candidates who are capable and reliable.

How to recover from a cyber-attack
October 23 2017 - Ever been fooled by a bogus email?

How You Can Benefit from Employee Surveys
June 5 2017 - Some helpful information that you can use to empower your workforce and fix those underlying issues that may be affecting your productivity.

The Importance of Team Building in HR Management
May 12 2017 - Team building can play a huge part in strengthening a corporate culture and a great tool in achieving an efficient organisation.

5 HR Mistakes to Avoid When Dismissing Staff
May 11 2017 - Sometimes, when all other avenues have failed, it is necessary to say goodbye to underperforming employees in order to optimise business efficiency.

Giving every employee a voice: why CEOs should jump off the pedestal
February 3 2017 - Open-minded HR departments can reap the rewards of building an engaged workforce and unlock the benefits this creates for the business as a whole.

Why it's important to get diversity right
January 9 2017 - Creating a diverse workplace isn't just about adhering to the laws regarding discrimination, but going the extra mile in creating an environment where people from any ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, race, or political belief can feel safe and valued.

Uncertainty surrounding the UK hotel industry: the actions hoteliers should take
January 9 2017 - What does the future hold for the UK's hotel industry?

On-the-job training: the key to meeting client needs
January 4 2017 - The training of young lawyers is still wedded to 20th or even 19th century thinking: they are taught how to look for and identify problems, not how to solve them.

First Round to the Drivers
December 14 2016 - The Uber case is a salutary lesson for all employers - whether in the gig economy or not - to look carefully at the terms and conditions of their employment contracts. Try and outrun the law by being too clever and it will eventually catch up with you.

Discrimination in Financial Services - the role of the Financial Ombudsman Service
December 9 2016 - When financial services are withheld with less legitimate cause, the individual in question may have the right to seek redress.

How employment tribunal decisions can impact your business
December 5 2016 - Whatever the size of your business, employers need to keep abreast of changes in employment law. There have been some interesting cases in 2016 which have given clarification on key decisions which employers may face in the workplace.

Brexit and Employment Law - just business as usual?
November 24 2016 - Since the UK's decision to leave the European Union, uncertainty surrounding the legal implications have been widespread; particularly within the UK employment law landscape.

Uncovering Potential Leaders with Recruitment Assessment
November 24 2016 - Recruitment assessment is a detailed and highly analytical process carried out by experts in the fields of business psychology and HR.

Extra Workload a Challenge for Work-life Balance
October 28 2016 - A recent survey suggests that office workloads in major European economies have gone up significantly over the last year.

Uberisation: how agile working works for lawyers
October 27 2016 - Agile working has become a paramount concern for many employers, high on their agenda because they recognise that it can help to create a more efficient and effective organization.

Recruiting For Diversity
September 5 2016 - Disability and inclusion policies, including blind CVs, often fail in practice because they are seldom supported by an understanding of true inclusion problems.

Working for your Workers
September 1 2016 - To put it simply: our relationship to work has changed.

Business skills are more important than ever post-Brexit
September 1 2016 - If the people who are supposed to hold the reigns of the business world are unsure of their ground, how on earth must young people feel when faced with the prospect of getting on the corporate job ladder?

How Will Accounting Make You a Better HR Manager?
August 29 2016 - There are a lot of ways knowledge in accounting can help you perform better as an HR manager.

Time to take on the diversity dilemma
August 16 2016 - Facebook is the latest in a long line of organisations to have a spotlight shone on its diversity performance.

Brexit and Change Management
August 11 2016 - The certainty of change coming down the line makes this the perfect time to take a look at the challenges inherent in introducing any change within an organisation.

5 Essential Elements for Optimal Performance Management
July 29 2016 - The importance of an efficient performance management system is fairly universally accepted in HR circles.

The secret behind successful flexi-working? Culture
July 4 2016 - When done well, flexi-working can be a game changer and productivity enhancer. The question is, how do you adopt flexi-working in a way that enhances productivity?

A new study: what career success looks like between men and women
June 23 2016 - A new study with 2000 workers in the UK on gender equality in the workplace, conducted by REED, has revealed some interesting results.

European Commission Announces Initiative Package
June 23 2016 - The European Commission is in the process of implementing a wide-ranging strategy to create a genuine 'Digital Single Market' across the EU.

UK immigration - what employers can expect in 2016
April 4 2016 - 2016 is already looking like it may be an annus horribilis for UK immigration.

Implementing an effective social media policy
March 23 2016 - Social media's presence in the workplace grows more prolific by the day, and as such is impacting the way in which managers, employees and even job applicants communicate.

Period Leave: What Does It Mean For Your Company?
March 16 2016 - How do you continue to promote equality in the workplace while simultaneously meeting the needs of those who suffer from clear gender based ailments?

Tinnitus: What employers need to Know
March 1 2016 - Tinnitus is a debilitating condition, and can be caused by exposure to loud or prolonged noise in the workplace, or a head or neck injury.

Workplace Drinking - Where (And How) To Draw The Line
March 1 2016 - You may be able to stop a problem before it starts by issuing clear guidelines about when and where drinking is acceptable.

Bid Writing: 5 Tips to Increase the Quality of Your Bid
February 25 2016 - Bid writing is difficult, but writing an effective bid that really stands out is your best bet of getting the job you want, especially if you're a freelancer.

Duvet Days - What Are They, And Should You Offer Them?
February 5 2016 - Let's be honest, plenty of us pull 'sickies' in order to have a Duvet Day. Which is why some companies are cutting right to the chase and making Duvet Days a legitimate thing.

UK vs US = Who's Winning the Social Recruitment Battle?
January 25 2016 - In the UK as many as 60% of recruiters have not used social media in the recruitment process compared to just 6% in the US.

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